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St. Josephs School of Nursing, Visakhapatnam, A.P. are the acknowledged pioneers in the field of general nursing and midwifery. Recognised by the Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi, Government of Andhra Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh Nursing Council. All the courses are designed to suit your time and budget and they follow the highest international standards. Every student will have a good opportunity in India and abroad after successful completion of their courses. It was running successfully since 25 years.

It is the desire for a successful career that brings out the best in every individual. It is always the level headed and straight thinking people, who achieve what they aim for. All they need, may be, is the right advice or a break at the beginning of their career. We are sure, most of you will be facing the dilemma of whether you should take up a job after your studies or go for further professional studies. Good training holds the key to future success. The world is replete with opportunities in Nursing and there is a lot of demand for trained nurses in India and abroad. "Health for all" - an objective of the Government of India. Government organisations alone cannot meet the demand for trained Nurses. To achieve this goal the involvement of the private sector in the field of health care is well recognised. Hence there is a need for private institutions in the field of training professional nurses.

The training acquired will make competent nurses fit for global markets, where the demand for quality nursing is extreme and immediate. But it will also provide immense confidence and a great sense of self betterment and a happier life for the nurses and their families. In the global demand for quality nursing care, the internationally recognised standard ratio of doctor to nurse is 1:2.5 (which means for every two doctors, a hospital needs five nurses). Today, to fulfill this ratio, USA alone requires a large number of nurses. And the demand for quality nursing in the UK, Middle East, far East Singapore, Australia and other Countries is increasing phenomenally.

We take your career as seriously as you do. Wishing you the very best.



Clinical Training

  • Affiliated to King George Hospital, Govt Victoria Hospital for women and children

  • Mental care hospital ,ENT Hospital

  • Govt Hospital for Chest &CD and Govt Regional Eye Hospital

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